Avocado with baked goat cheese and passion fruit jelly € 9,50 (g)

Beet root - carpaccio with celery tatar, sour cream and seaweed caviar € 9,50 (v possible)

Wholegrain or gluten free pasta with fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and Provolone-cheese € 12,50 (v possible)

Fried Seiten with red cabbage, potato dumplings and vegetarian gravy € 15,50 (v)

Tarte Tatin with Nashi Pear in glass with sour ice cream € 8,50

Coconut - panna - cotta with sour cherries € 6,90 (v)

v-vegan, g-glutenfree


Artichoke with three dips € 9,50 (v possible, g)

Fried mixed mushrooms (Shiitake, lemon mushrooms, oyster mushrooms) with leaf salad € 10,50 (v, g)

Red cabbage - pears - salad with blue cheese creme € 8,50 (v possible,g)

Beet root terrine with cashew mayonnaise and salad € 9,50 (v,g)

Avocado - apple - tartar with wake seaweed and wasabi creme € 11,50

Asian chicory salad with mango, papaya and chopped peanuts € 10,50 (v)

Goat cheese backed in brick dough with fennel salad € 10,50

Burrata with caramelized radicchio trevisano and warm fig slices € 11,00 (g)


Two - colored beet soup € 8,50 (v,g)

Hokkaido pumpkin - curry - coconut soup with croutons, pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds € 7,50 (v,g possible)

Chestnut creme soup with black truffle € 8,90 (g)

v-vegan, g-glutenfree


Shell pasta with gorgonzola sauce and leaf spinach € 11,50 (v possible)

with fried mushrooms and rucola € 12,50 (v possible)

with cream sauce and black truffle € 16,50 (v possible)

Trofie con Melanzane e Pecorino: Fresh noodles with eggplant - tomato sauce and Pecorino (goat cheese) € 11,50 (v possible)

Cannelloni stuffed with chestnut - mascarpone and cream herb € 12,90

Safranrisotto with cherry tomatoes and basil pesto € 12,50 (v possible,g)

Barolorisotto with salsify and parsley foam € 13,50 (v possible,g)

v-vegan, g-glutenfree


Eggplant steak with cauliflower puree, quinoa and pimentos de la Vera foam € 15,50 (v,g)

Prinz Myshkin Focaccia with salad, guacamole, herb quark, fried mushrooms and three - colored sweet
potatoes in tempura dough € 13,50 (v possible)

Roasted corn bread dumpling slices with herb mushroom ragouts and cranberry sauce € 14,50

Roasted polenta with rosemary and thyme with black salsify, sweet potato puree and tarragon foam € 16,00 (v,g)

Seitan Stufato with market vegetables and potato gratin € 16,50 (v possible)

Roasted tofu with mushrooms in cognac - orange creme sauce with vegetables and three - colored sweet potato french fries in tempura dough € 16,50 (v possible)

Red Thai curry with tofu and rice (spicy) € 13,50 (v,g)

v-vegan, g-glutenfree


Pizza Mozzarella with fresh tomatoes, olives and basil € 9,50

Pizza Rucola with parmesan and fresh tomatoes € 11,00

Pizza Feta with olives, red onions, tomatoes and pepperoni € 11,50

Pizza Prinz Myshkin with leaf spinach, oyster mushrooms, roquefort and gorgonzola cheese € 12,50

Pizza Bufala with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil-pesto € 13,50

Pizza goat cheese with figs, pears and walnuts € 14,90

Pizza Boscaiola with buffalo mozzarella, king oyster mushrooms, radicchio and tomatoes € 15,90

*Our pizzas are either with bio - wheat flour or whole grain

v-vegan, g-glutenfree


Fondant au chocolat with vanilla ice cream € 8,50

Orange - tiramisu in glass € 6,90

Tonka beans crème brûlée € 7,50 (g)

Chocolate truffle parfait with pineapple compote € 7,90

Variety from homemade cakes from € 3,90

Homemade sorbets (v)
Forrest berries
Yellow plum € 2,00 each

v-vegan, g-glutenfree