Lunch menu

 from December 18th until 22nd 2017

12.00 am through 3.00 pm


potato-zucchini-gratin with salad

(v, g)



with a mixed salad on the side (v, g)


Gnocchetti Sardi (fresh noodles) with olives and capers in tomato sauce

(v possible)


Basil risotto with dried tomatoes

(g, v possible)


Orange vegetable curry with two kinds of rice 

Each dish € 9,00


Catch of the week (Monday to Friday noon till 3pm)

grilled turkey breast on lukewarm antipasti salad

grilled prawns on sepia risotto and saffron froth


Autumn menu

Entrees & Salads

Asian chicory salad

with mango, papaya, orange filets, chopped peanuts, red onions and coriander

€ 11,50 (v)

avocado creme

with caramelized goat cheese and mango jelly

€ 10,50 (g)

oriental quinoa salad

(tomatoes, cucumber, parsly, mint, pomegranate seeds, red onions)

€ 12,50 (v, g)

Burrata on lukewarm antipasti salad

with mixed mushrooms

€ 13,50 (g)

big mixed babyleafsalad with paprika, cherry tomatoes, fennel and cucumber - € 8,50 (v, g)

+ king prawns - € 5,00

+ mushrooms and tofu - € 4,00

+ turkey stripes - € 4,00

Optional with raspberry balsamic, balsamic or oriental dressing


pumpkin-coconut-curry soup

€ 7,50 (v, g)

beetroot soup with horseradish mousse

€6,90 (v possible, g)

Pasta & Risotto


filled with a mix of sweet chestnuts, mascarpone and tarragon on a creamy sauce with mushrooms and pointed cabbage

€ 12,90

Fusilli (either with whole grain or gluten free)

with ricotta, babychard and pine nuts

€ 13,50 (v möglich, g)

mushroom risotto

with dried tomato pesto

€ 12,50 (g, v possible)

Mafaldine (short noodles)

with artichoke, olives, zucchini and pecorino

€ 12,50 (v possible)


in a cream sauce with black truffle

€ 15,50 (v possible)

Main Courses

Parmigiana (Eggplant gratin)

with salad

€ 13,50 (g)

Roasted tofu in calvados-orange-mushroom cream sauce,

with vegetables and two-colored sweet potato french fries in tempura dough

€ 16,50 (v möglich)

Roasted polenta with rosemary and thyme

on sweet potato puree, black salsify and pumpkin seed oil

€ 16,00 (v, g)

Red vegetable curry (hot)

with tofu, coriander and two kinds of rice (Basmati and wild rice)

€ 14,50 (v, g)

Prinz Myshkin Focaccia

mit salad, guacamole, herb quark, fried mixed mushrooms and two-colored sweet potato french fries in tempura dough

€ 13,50 (v possible)


Pizza Buffala

with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto

€ 12,50

Pizza Mozzarella

with fresh tomatoes, olives and fresh basil

€ 9,50

Pizza Prinz Myshkin

with leaf spinach, oyster mushrooms, roquefort and gorgonzola cheese

€ 12,50

Pizza Goat Cheese

with fresh figs, fig mustard, fresh pears and walnut pesto

€ 14,90

Pizza Vegana

with various vegetables and almond pesto

€ 12,90

*Our pizzas are either with bio - wheat flour or bio whole grain flour (DE-Öko-037)


homemade brownie with vanilla ice cream

€ 8,50

homemade cinnamon tiramisu in a glass

€ 6,90

homemade vegan chocolate mousse

with homemade sour cherry compote

€ 7,50 (g, v)

homemade Vanilla Crème brûlée

€ 6,90 (g)

Variation of homemade sorbets

Blood orange, green apple, kalamansi, wild berry or raspberry

€ 2,50 per scoop

v-vegan, g-glutenfree


grilled octopus with burrata on rocket salad

€ 13,50

sweet chestnut cappuccino

€ 7,90

Fish soup with saffron

(noble fish, mussels, king prawns, tomato and parsley)

€ 14,50

Fettuccine with shrimps, parsley and tomato concasse

(slightly spicy)

€ 14,50

grilled rib eye steak

with rosemary potatoes, grilled vegetables and truffle jus

€ 28,50

grilled beef tenderloin

with mediterranean vegetables, sweet potato french fries and madeira jus

€ 28,50

Pizza Pescatore

with shrimps, mussels and calamari

€ 14,90

Pizza Tonno

with olives and red onions

€ 11,50

Pizza Salsiccia

with cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and Italian sausage

€ 13,50

corn poulard saltimbocca

with fennel vegetables, dried tomatoes, baby chard and rosemary potato

€ 19,50

sea bream as a whole

with rosemary potatoes, small salad and tomato-herbs-chili oil

€ 19,50